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Energy WorkSite

Building Energy Management System

The Energy WorkSite is a web-based collaborative platform with integrated communications, program management and energy analysis tools that seamlessly connect all stakeholders to ensure your energy programs meet their objectives with achievable and sustainable long-term results.

The Energy WorkSite allows for flexible and scalable program management of a single building location to an expansive portfolio of buildings. Whether you are a program manager, utility representative, facility manager or service provider, the capabilities of the Energy WorkSite will make your job easier and your efforts more efficient.

Energy WorkSite

Real-Time Program Management
Complexity and timeliness of information for decision making are two very real problems for anyone managing a multi-site energy savings program. Mainly, how do you track, interpret, manage, and make intelligent decisions in this environment? This is where the Energy WorkSite comes in. This comprehensive energy program management toolkit enables you to track, in real-time, the progress of your activities. You can instantly see how much energy you’ve saved to date, which sites have implemented their ESM’s, which ones are lagging, when the last task was completed at a building, or even how much money was saved at a particular location yesterday! Since all the users are constantly updating their tasks and documents, the wireless meters are running 24/7 and billing data are updated daily, the information you’re viewing is as current as it gets! You know, RIGHT NOW, what’s going on in your program and can make intelligent decisions based on accurate, timely information.

Energy WorkSite

Energy WorkSite is a hosted service made available through resellers. Users do not download or install any software on their own systems as the WorkSite applications can be accessed 24/7 from any Internet browser.

Energy WorkSite

Energy WorkSite contains a highly specialized set of software tools focused on data collection, analysis, and management of energy information and projects. The user interface, underlying data and results generated by the software applications are integrated within the Energy WorkSite platform.

NorthWrite employs state-of-the-art servers at hosting centers around the country. Some highlights of our network operations centers include:

  • High Speed Network – Connected to the Internet by multiple OC-3 links,
    which are carried over multiple OC-12 fiber optic SONET networks via two
    separate telecommunications providers. Performs in the top 5% of the
    Keynote Business 40 Index, which benchmarks website responsiveness.
  • Physical Security – Monitored and protected by video surveillance cameras, 24-hour security personnel and access control systems. To prevent unauthorized network access, a combination of technical platforms is enabled to counter attack all known methods of compromise to the core network. Firewalls are utilized to restrict access to the network and filters are employed on all routers and switches. IP restrictions and username/password authentication are utilized where appropriate.
  • Redundant Power Management – Data center facilities are powered by separate utility grids and equipped with full time inline UPS equipment. In addition, generation equipment is located onsite in the event of a sustained electrical outage.
  • Temperature Control – At each Data Center, temperature and humidity are controlled by multiple computer room air-handling units (CRAHU) installed in a redundant configuration.
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) Data Backup – Data are continuously backed up on redundant arrayed servers and offsite storage is employed for additional data integrity.

Contact GCI by Email or Phone 415-379-7371 for more information on Energy Worksite.


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