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Strategy Mapping and Reporting System

SEE-IT is next generation strategy mapping and reporting software that enables community and corporate leaders to communicate transparently with staff and stakeholders regarding key progress towards their strategic goals. Delivered as a web-hosted service, SEE-IT provides a platform for communities, companies and other organizations to easily integrate and effectively communicate strategies and plans, such as triple bottom line, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainability reporting and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting. Visible Strategies’ in-house experts provide consulting and advisory services to support see-it™ implementations, whether you have a strategic plan in place or not. Our extensive consulting expertise combined with the power and simplicity of SEE-IT means clients can have their see-it™ visible strategy maps up and running in as little as three days.

SEE-IT examples:

San Jose’s Green Vision program uses SEE-IT for internal management as well as information sharing with all stakeholders and the San Jose community.

San Jose SEE-IT

Novex Corporation uses SEE-IT to design and manage its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) – “triple bottom line” – business practices and programs.

Novex SEE-IT

Earth Policy Institute uses SEE-IT to present Lester Brown’s extensive research findings and recommendations for comprehensive sustainable culture initiatives.


SEE-IT can be used as both an internal tool to drive strategy development and consensus building and an external tool to provide transparency to stakeholders and to measure progress using key indicators. At a glance, stakeholders can track your organization’s or community’s progress on key indicators – from core strategy and sustainability to CSR and triple bottom line reporting. SEE-IT’s simple and powerful data management capabilities means that you can refresh your data instantly, ensuring your reports are always accurate and up to date. As a web-hosted service, SEE-IT does not require any additional infrastructure or technical resources, and is powered by a flexible object manager that stores and manages data and allows for data feeds from other systems. SEE-IT can easily generate customized reporting to handle all your indicator data requirements.

Contact GCI by Email or Phone 415-379-7371 for more information on SEE-IT.

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