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Sustainable Agriculture

American Farmland Trust
Washington, DC, USA
A nonprofit organization working to protect agricultural land, promoting effective community planning and growth management, and keeping the land healthy for farmland through encouraging stewardship and conservations practices.

California Certified Organic Farmers
Santa Cruz, CA, USA
CCOF promotes and supports organic food and agriculture through a premier organic certification program, trade support, producer and consumer education and political advocacy.

Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems
Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Dedicated to increasing ecological sustainability and social justice in the food and agriculture system.

Center for Food Safety
Washington, DC, USA
A non-profit public interest and environmental advocacy membership organization.

Community Food Security Coalition
Venice, CA, USA
Dedicated to building strong, sustainable, local and regional food systems. Seeking to develop self-reliance among all communities in obtaining their food, and to create a system of growing, manufacturing, processing, and selling food that is regionally based and grounded in the principles of justice, democracy, and sustainability.

Community Harvest
Washington, DC, USA
Building a locally rooted and sustainable food system.

Ecological Farming Association
Watsonville, CA, USA
The Ecological Farming Association is dedicated to the development of ecologically-based food systems, both domestically and throughout the world by informing farmers, educating consumers and policy makers, and promoting alliances between individuals and organizations.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Rome, Italy
Sustainable Development Department of the FAO
A global reference center for knowledge and advice on biophysical, biological, socio-economic, and social dimensions of sustainable development.

International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements
Bonn, Germany
IFOAM's goal is the worldwide adoption of ecologically, socially, and economically sound systems that are based on the principles of organic agriculture and farming practices.

National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture
Pine Bush, NY, USA
Educating the public on the importance of a sustainable food and agriculture system that is economically viable, environmentally sound, socially just, and humane.

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
Fayetteville, AR, USA
ATTRA promotes sustainable agriculture, providing information and other technical assistance to farmers, ranchers, educators, and others involved in sustainable agriculture in the United States.

The New Farm
Pennsylvania, USA
Informing, encouraging, equiping, and inspiring farmers with the support they need to take the important transition steps toward regenerative agriculture. A project of the Rodale Institute, which is dedicated to agriculture research, outreach, and training to promote sustainable agricultural systems.

Organic Consumers Association
Little Marais, MN, USA
A non-profit public interest organization which deals with crucial issues of food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, corporate accountability, and environmental sustainability.

Organic Trade Association
Greenfield, MA, USA
Runs the Organic Pages Online, covering all aspects of organic trade. OTA's mission is to encourage global sustainability through promoting and protecting the growth of diverse organic trade.

UC Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
Davis, CA, USA
SAREP provides leadership and support for scientific research and education in agricultural and food systems that are economically viable, conserve natural resources and biodiversity, and enhance the quality of life in the state's communities.

World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms
Lewes, England, UK
The International WWOOF Association is dedicated to helping those who would like to volunteer on organic farms internationally. The aims of WWOOF are to enable people to learn first-hand about organic growing techniques, to enable town-dwellers to experience living and helping on a farm, to help farmers make organic production a viable alternative, and to improve communications within the organic movement.


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